Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for Business Lawyer

Our research team first analyzes the firm’s knowledge of important general corporate issues and cases that affect businesses and corporations inside of the United States. Does the firm have a good handle on corporate law?  What aspects of corporate law does the firm have the most experience with?

Next we analyze the attorney’s handling of corporate contracts and contract negotiations.  Is the attorney capable of creating legal contracts that protect the client from liability?  How effective is the attorney at making sure that there are not any loopholes in a contract? 

We then review the firm’s understanding of corporate merger or acquisition processes.  Do the attorneys work to make sure the process is legitimate and is not going to have legal problems?  We also assess the firm’s handling of negotiations between the two companies and the agreement creation.

Another aspect of our evaluation deals with the corporate litigation process. How does the firm do with handling the actual litigation?  Do the attorneys work to protect a corporation from being held liable for damages or court fees due to their actions or inactions?

The fifth and final focus of our evaluation in corporate law is protecting the corporate veil and preventing an individual in the company from becoming liable for damages to the company. Does the firm prevent the owners or officers of a corporation from becoming personally liable for damages to the company because of their decisions or mistakes?


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