Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation Criteria for Personal Injury Lawyer

We evaluate each of the accident and injury attorneys based on their ability to assess their clients’ situations and to work with them to protect their rights and to ensure that they receive the treatment and proper compensation they deserve.

The first aspect of the evaluation reviews the firm’s understanding of the important general accident and injury issues and laws.  Is the firm up-to-date on new court rulings and changes made by congress to protect the rights of those in accidents? Does the firm have a good handle on general precedent and case law regarding accident and injury cases?

Next we focus specifically on auto accident cases handled by the firm.  We assess each firm’s ability to evaluate the facts obtained from police reports and statements.  Out of that information we review what types of strategies would be used in different realistic scenarios.

We then look into an attorney’s ability to deal with class action lawsuits.  Is the lawyer equipped to handle the complexities of a class-action suit?  What is the firm’s record when representing these types of lawsuits?

Our fourth criterion analyzes the attorney’s handling of personal injury cases. How does the firm work to understand the liability involved with a personal injury case?   What types of investigation are employed to gain background information and other important information for the case?

The final focus is on the attorney’s ability to handle product liability or recall suits.  How often does a lawyer work on this type of case? How does the lawyer link the facts of the case together to determine the probable cause of the incident and ultimately who is liable for damages?


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